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When we look good, we feel good and this is a circle of health and fitness. Physical exercise and good diet is way to fitness. They go hand in hand. To fuel our daily activities, we need a well-balanced diet along with regular exercise. It gives the required calories and nutrients for our body.

Choosing vegetables over donuts doesn’t mean a proper diet when it comes to eating habits. We should get the right type of food for the right time of the day. A healthy breakfast, workout munch and meal plans.

A regular breakfast reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes. When exercise is on our agenda, eating healthy breakfast becomes the most important. Skipping breakfast can leave us feeling lethargic or lightheaded. Calorie intake should be in right proportion to maintain good health and fitness.

“Take care of your body, only place you have to live in”. Regular physical exercise can reduce risk for various diseases and health conditions and improve overall quality of life. Exercise is a miracle cure one can always have. No matter the age, physically active and even happier life.

A modern problem these days is that people are less active, partly because technology has taken over-drive cars or public transport for traveling, machines wash our cloths, entertained by a TV or a computer. Because of all these we need a proper healthy diet rather than junk foods and a daily workout at least for an hour to keep us fit and fine. It says like “Work out, Eat well, be patient, your body will reward you”.

Diet is not a therapy to lose weight, in fact it is the intake of right quantities of food from all food groups in a day. Diet should not be prolonged to only lose weight. Rather it should be a nutritional style for good health. “Eating well is a form of self-respect”. Looking good doesn’t mean it’s good for us. One should give themselves the respect to care of the food that enters our body.

Stop eating before you feel full, it takes little time for the brain to tell the body that it had enough. So one should eat slowly. Certain foods shouldn’t be set as off-limits. Rather slowly reduce the portion sizes of unhealthy foods and the intake of these foods slowly goes down.

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